Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's amazing what a simple idea can become! From the simple idea of opening a store, came a huge change in our lives of moving to a different city and going through all the changes we've been through. I'm very proud of my husband for facing the challenges with his head held high and being so brave while going to the unknown! I'm so proud to see what a successful businessman he has become! I'm also excited that we now have an add of our store on the local TV!! I just don't appear because i didn't know they were going to record that day, and I forgot to use my uniforme, so i figured it wouldn't be cool! Anyway, the add has been on for a week and we already feel the difference!! Amazing the influence tv has!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


i would like to use this post to ask for your advice. i've found myself in an odd situation. It seems i've forgotten how to make new friends!! When i first arrived in rio grande i was caught up in my own little problems and had no desire whatsoever to make the effort of finding new friends. But now that i'm over with some of my issues, i would love to have friends to visit and have them come over to my place, or plan an outing with. You know, those normal things you do with friends! The people we know here now are single and it's hard sometimes to relate with since we don't have that much incomun anymore. So there you have it. What should i do to make new friends? Any advice? I'd honestly love to hear it!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

no title

Time flies by!! I know everyone keeps saying that, but it seems that ever-so-often i'm made aware of this very truth. Looking through some pictures of Julia as a baby today, just shocked me again. It's amazing how quickly one can forget how small ones baby really was!! And now i find myself with a soon-to-be ''independent'' toddler!! When did that happen??!!

Oh! So many regrets! I know that sounds awful, being that she's only 23 months old, but it's true! Where to begin?I regret not taking enough pictures... i regret not completing the baby's first year calendar my mom gave me...not keeping a diary...and most of all for being frustrated with myself for not being the mommy i always imagined myself being!! WOW!! it feels great just admiting to that! And until recently, i'd been caring this weight of frustrations of my own imperfections as a mommy, until i learned a wonderful truth. It may sound simple to you, but it has been an everyday learning process for me. And it is: to live one day at a time! To concure one challenge at a time! No need to create this elution of a perfect scenario (house perfectly organized while the child plays quietly and perfectly in her room)!! In truth, that elution is what brought the feeling of frustration for not making that scenario true!! So my motto now is to: enjoy these rapidly changing phases in my little girls life! The house will always have to be cleaned and cloths will always have to be washed, but these moments in our lives will go flying by. And one regret i don't ever want to have, is letting these sweet moments of so many daily changes in Julia's life, to go by unnoticed! Loving Julia for the person she is and is becoming is my new motto!! The other frustrations regarding the calendar and pictures, are inevitable....i guess i'll have to try harder with the next one...

Friday, March 26, 2010

potty training continued...

well, the reason i haven't given a closure to my potty training posts since January 27th, is because nothing in terms of potty training was done! To tell you the truth i really don't know for what reason exactly it happened, but my little girl started to simply HATE, (yes, hate is the correct word) sitting on the piniquinho or any word related to xixi and the such!! So one day while sitting on the bathroom floor watching Julia crying or rather screaming, i decided to let it go and give it some more time. So, we went on vacation in February and I just accepted the fact that it wasn't time for potty training yet.
However, I started noticing that Julia seemed to get frustrated at times with her diaper in our hot summer days and she would often try to take her diaper off. I felt that that was my sign to try the big task again. Once settled at home after over a month away, i decided to take up the challenge once more. This time i was psycologically prepared for the many 'accidents' to come and had my rag and detergent-hylex water prepared before-hand. I was ready! On Monday, March 22nd as soon as she woke up, i took her diaper off. Yes, all my preperation was needed as many accidents did happen, however this time it wasn't such a big deal as I had my mind set for the task. She still, however, didn't want to go anywhere near the piniquinho. Tuesday came along with hopes reneiwed as I got to stay home all day Tuesday. I then took my time sitting on the bathroom floor reading stories from her favorite books there, and slowly she started to like the whole idea again. That day, she actually did xixi in the piniquinho!!!!!! I could hardly believe my eyes!!!! It truely is a satisfactory feeling, believe me! And to my suprise and joy today she did coco too!! Although we still have some occational 'accidents' and tantrums, i think we are on the path to a successful potty training experience number 2! I think this time there is no going back...or at least i hope not!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

potty training - DAY #2

Day #2 went by very fast. In the morning very few accidents happened, but nothing was done in the toilet, :- ( . In the afternoon we took the last trace of company from the weekend (tia Mara) to the bus station in Pelotas and than went off to Bagé to visit one of Neval's clients there. Since we were in the car most of the day, Julia spent the rest of the day with a diaper on. We got home at about 10:30pm and Julia was already asleep.
that was it for day #2.

more to come!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

potty training - DAY 1

Yes, yesterday i decided to start potty training oficially. Last week i took Julia's diaper off a few times during the day and let her see what it feels like without one. It seemed to go well.
The morning started out okay. I explained to her that she should call mommy whenever she needed to go xixi or coco. At one point she actually called me to the bathroom, only to sit on the piniquinho and do nothing. I figuered that was a great start. In the afternoon things started to change. Julia started getting annoyed at me for calling her to the bathroom all the time. Whenever i said 'xixi' she whould say very emphatically 'NO!!!'
Than the first episode happened. I was cleaning the room with her playing around me and she suddenly said 'xixi mommy' and kept pointing to the floor. Sure enough there was a little puddle of xixi on the floor and her panties were completly wet! No problem right, that's part of it! Later on in the day, i was cleaning something else and felt a strange smell. That was when i put my hand lightly on her panties and felt a round ball....yes, coco!!!! Thankfully it wasn't runny!!..hehehe. That was episode #2. Than came #3. I found Julia sitting on our guest's bed looking very guilty...she was going xixi!!!

Well, DAY #1 didn't seem very promising, but we can't give up, right!!